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Automatic Airport Weather
Simply select your Departure and Destination Airports, additionally another airport when operating more than 2 sectors.
The app will do the rest! Display Structure of Downloaded Weather:
Selected Airport 1
Selected Airport 2
Selected Airport 3
Airport 1 - Selected Alternates
Airport 2 - Selected Alternates
Airport 3 - Selected Alternates
Airport 1 - All airports within 427 nm
Airport 2 - All airports within 427 nm
Airport 3 - All airports within 427 nm

Worldwide Weather Charts

Access Latest Significant Weather Charts

Charts Viewer can be: Panned, Zoomed, Rotated and Invert Color for Night Mode

Offline Capability allows the charts to be saved on disk for offline use

Modern Widget Design

Choose from 3 different Widget Sizes

Automatically downloads the latest available METAR without any need of user interaction

Apple Watch App

Get Meter and TAF directly on your Watch

Watch Widgets

Setup Watch Widget to see the weather instantly. Circular widget option shows Dew Point, Temperature and Relative Humidity. Color coded temperature bar changes colors to represent Freezing Conditions, Icing Conditions, Normal Temperature and Hot Temperatures.

Multi Theme Support

Choose from Grey, Blue and Light Theme

Aviation Tools

In one Place!

2 Favourite Tools can be Pinned as Main App Tabs for quick access!

Fuel Uplift Calculator

Ideal for Boeing 737 and other aircrafts with 2 main fuel tanks and 1 centre fuel tank. Main tank fuel limit can be customised in the app settings

Cold Temperature Altitude Corrections

In Accordance With ICAO 8168 Aircraft Operating Procedures. Work out instantly the exact corrected Altitude using the same equation used by ICAO to produce the Correction Tables found in Aircraft Operating Manuals

Convert Map Coordinates to Aircraft Format

Paste or type in Decimal Degrees coordinates used by Map Apps and convert them to Aircraft Specific Format of Degrees, Minutes and Seconds

Save unlimited coordinates with custom names to access them quickly